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3.5 and rising

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Ben is officially at 3.5, very much his own person, having one hilarious and insightful language experiment after another. He is doing a lot of comparing, and so far, here’s the tally:

He’d like a baby sister, named Hayley. (His friend J has one.) He has renamed a little teddy bear to be his baby sister.

He’d like to live at his friend’s house, because he has a big bed, a lot of toys, they’re friends, and his mommy never yells at the children.

He’s very comfortable with the size of his tisseman (google danish+tisseman if you’re at a loss), telling us from time to time that he has a very big one.

As for general behaviour:

He is gentle with small children, perhaps because they aren’t coming home with us.

He’ll go anywhere if you can frame it as an adventure where he plays an important role.

His made up songs are classic – I wonder if it’s a genetic curse I’ve put upon him. We tortured Far with a rewritten Jingle Bells at Macy’s before his trip to Japan. It went like this: “Buy some pants, buy some pants, let’s go buy some pants. Daddy needs some brand new pants so let’s buy him some pa—ants!”

He thinks showers are fun, especially when he gets to hold the sprayer.

His language skills are growing – sometimes, I hear replayed phrases, which makes me wonder how much he understands. Other times, it’s clear that he is making language fit his ideas and feelings, and all you can do is sit back and nod in amazement.

Happy 1/2 birthday, Ben. Mama loves you all the time.


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