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2011 recap

On the second day of 2012, I found myself frustrated with the char limit on FB – don’t even get me started on twitter – and thought I’d send a little note on what has happened in the last year which I made no time to tell you.

  1.  After seeing myself in a picture in February and then stepping on a scale, I got serious about getting healthy. I began exercising (10k/day on an elliptical, 5x/week), stopped eating off the Vikilings plates and dropped bread. What a difference I was able to make in my health, and quickly. Confirming that keeping new habits is harder than starting them.
  2. I am 45, but keep forgetting. (Goes hand in hand, yes?)
  3. Perimenopause, in full unpredictable and irritable force. Highly unrecommended, though likely inevitable.
  4. Ben is now 7; Nora is 3. Ben is gentle, perceptive, and a natural athlete. Nora is not gentle but equally perceptive. Her athletic abilities remain to be seen.
  5. Nora had eartubes put in back in April. The full procedure and recovery was less than 90 minutes. Sadly, they are already out. She has also had hand, foot and mouth, Fifth’s disease, two ruptured eardrums (pre-tubes), and assorted boo-boos that far exceed those her brother had.
  6. Ben is more me than the Viking, I’m afraid. I am hoping he can shake some of it off and find a great place in himself, in all of his quiet power. But of the parts of me he has that I hope he keeps are his sense of humor, of accountability, of ethics, and his love of singing. The boy wakes up singing.
  7. This year, I volunteered to be a room parent in Ben’s class. It has been great to be in the classroom with the children every week.
  8. I ran for office in our town on a platform of “The more you know, in context, the better you can make decisions.” I lost 2:1 to a candidate whose slate was, more or less, “Hang the mayor.” All of the candidates who campaigned on that slogan won by huge margins. And yet, I wasn’t sad. It was a great experience.
  9. I don’t think I was able to finish reading a single book all year, thought there are at least 15 of them around the house with bookmarks at different points, none of which are 1/3 of the way. Not good.
  10. I did manage to spend some quality time in the kitchen cooking for neighbors, which was enormously satisfying.
  11. In an effort to broaden Ben’s exposure to different cultural traditions in ways that are appealing to him, I signed him up for a children’s chorus at the local, rather progressive Episcopal church. He enjoys it, and was selected to play Joseph in the Christmas pageant. I’m glad, too, that he is learning and asking questions about God. But the questions that come for me, time after time, aren’t answered in a way that makes my heart feel at home.
  12. I decided to cut my hair but good just before Thanksgiving. Transformative, yes… but who would have thought a haircut could encourage new balances and shifts in personality?

So I came to the end of the year, and I am better in some ways but still restless.  Still a stay-at-home-parent, still looking in consignment shops for clothing that would survive the carry-on bag and go to a meeting. Still missing Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Cape Cod, and its attendant pleasures. Cooking more, eating less. Next up, what’s in store for 2012 – I hope more reading and writing.

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A good hair day (in part, for blue milk)

Updating my photo

Originally uploaded by jdaly.

I decided to try out a few new (to me) social networking tools, and figured it was a good time to update my photo. My short hair responds well to the rainy saturated climate of the Pacific Northwest, and so on the first good hair day I had, I put on a little spackle and lipstick, et voila. My grey, usually very visible (at the crest of the frontal wave) looks more like a reflection than the sheaf of white that it is. But makeup or not, I think this is isn’t bad for no retouching and almost 41.


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my stylist is la fameuse *et* la bombe

It had been months since I had a haircut, and even though it was looking afterglow fabulous today, I went to see April at Derby. (April has already been praised in an earlier post). Before sitting in her chair, I went to the loo and saw that my salon and my very stylist was named on the A-List for Allure Magazine. So, if you’re in Seattle and need hair help, you know what to do. Call Derby, ask for time with April. And if you need a tattoo, her husband can set you up.


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hausfrau-phobic hair styling

About a year ago, I was feeling less than content with many things around me, so I took bold action. I got a haircut.

Haircuts and stylists are not minor things for me. I had the same stylist for 16 years in Boston, and would go back to him in a heartbeat if we relocated. (Write me for his name and number; I love sending people to him.) I had been in Seattle for 5 years, and had yet to hit the sweet spot. But it was clear that something had to be done. So, last October, I found a salon with high online community ratings, and called, pleading for help.

“I’m going to be 39. I used to model. I don’t work at my hair or much of my appearance, in part because I got lucky. On a good day, I like to think of myself as unconsciously casually stunning. But now I have a kid, no sleep, and thinning hair. I look sad, and I will try any sort of cut. And it needs to be public-good, as I have a high-visibility job.

“Okay,” responded the scheduler.

“And I live on the east side. But please, DON’T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I’M FROM THE EAST SIDE.” In the caps lies the phobe.

The scheduler responded with confidence and kindness. “Oh, you need April.”

Let me say that April did a great first pass, then knocked it out of the park in May with Cut 2, which I have maintained. It has that kind of tousled, femmy, fun, I -just-had-great-nookie-but-you-should-see-the-smile-on-his-face look.

I wonder how many new mothers go through that same thing – the little ways we still try to keep that part of our lives or ourselves where we kick ass rather than acquiesce to dragging it.

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