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yes we can (hold babies)

After seeing too many videos of the unbridled hatred encouraged to fester at McCain-Palin rallies, I sought refuge in the blog of a college student called “Yes We Can (Hold Babies)“. Too cute for words, yet not treacly. And definitely deserving of your support.

Late update, for ralph: My favorite, right here:

the happiest boy in the world

the happiest boy in the world



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serendipity and giraffe attacks

Here is the newly most viewed photo in my flickr collection. Views started increasing in the last two weeks, and I have no idea why it’s a hot item now.

It’s from 1994 doh! 2004. I uploaded it after establishing a Flickr account. Googling “giraffe attack” delivers it as the 3rd result.

I’ve got a history of being the person who can find something, anything, anywhere, whether in atoms or bits. But this one has me stumped. I’ve been unable to find anything that links to the URI of the picture.

Long live serendipity!

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