Have a seat and a cup.

The Kitchen Table was the place where everyone got together in my various apartments, and is a focal point in our house. We eat there, we work there, but most of the time we talk there. It’s unlikely that most of what I’m bringing to this little table is of interest to you unless you already know me – and even then it may be up to debate.

I started setting this table so I wouldn’t forget the little details of meals and places I enjoyed, of my first years of motherhood and, the last of my 30s, and the start of my 40s. Professionally speaking, I’ve been working in distributed computing (later Web stuff) since 1988, with some stints as a perfume terrorist, day care teacher, and switchboard operator sprinkled in between.

For most of my professional career, I’ve been connected with initiatives at MIT, including Project Athena and the W3C , both of which were engaging places to work with passionate, committed people. I’m not a pure geek, but I like to talk with them and explain the exciting things they do to the outside world. I also like to get them to eat at places that don’t always drive away from the parking lots at 3pm.

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