I wasn’t sure I would get this far, but today I’ve equalled my record of days pregnant.

B was born, an emergency cesarean, at 36w3d. After a Thursday night of delightful Jon Stewart and a few minutes of the talentless Colin whoever who left me cursing that he was given a TV show. After the water trickled at 2:30am Friday, then rolled out, a wave no bathtowel could match.  We slowly got our things together; I told one of my staff via IRC that I wouldn’t be making our 7:30 telcon, H lined the passenger seat with lawn bags and towels, and I waddled out in a sundress, the only thing I had left that fit, with a green towel wedged between my legs, as calm as could be.

This time, I understood how remarkable it was that I actually got pregnant – most women with a bicornuate uterus have a 40-45% chance of miscarriage.  As far as conception goes, I’m 2 for 2.

I had no overseas trips, no real business to tend to other than mothering and shepherding little one along to term. That said, a job would have been a welcome distraction from the sickness and unexpected worries of the first and second trimesters, not to mention the disturbing surprise at the top of the third.

Yet here we are. At her last ultrasound exam, I thrilled to hear of a growth spurt. Weightwise, she has managed to climb back up to 50th percentile. Her head is measuring close to her brother’s, otherwise known as the melon on the vine. The neonatologist hugged me, saying “Congratulations! She is just as normal as can be.” I called H and my mother – both times shaking and in tears. I saved my energy to write email to the rest of my family and friends, since I knew I’d just be whimpering with joy and relief if I made another call.

Little one is moving briskly and with impunity – mama feels all sorts of things in parts of her body she didn’t know her uterus could go. I think she likes to kick my appendix, or loop her foot around my hipbone. There’s always something poking down there that isn’t mine.

H calls everyday at noon, just making sure I haven’t gone into labor. Don’t tell him, but I think I’ll be driving myself to the hospital this time, just to make sure we get to the right place.



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7 responses to “36w3d

  1. Paula Anderson

    Hey, Janet,
    I found your blog last week. I’m so glad to read good news! But how on earth are you going to manage with two Scorpios in the house?

  2. Paula!

    Two Scorps are not a problem, esp with a little Cancer boy. It’s the only way I can fight back against an inlaw army of Leos. ;)

  3. Awesome!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Especially the sleeping part!!!

  4. Pam

    Hi Janet:

    I teach on-line Computer Science courses. In one of my courses I introduce Base Conversions. In a recent homework assignment I asked the question – Why did I start computing my age in Base 16 the year I turned 30 – and how many more years could I expect to stay under 30 in Base 16? One of my students did an internet search on computing one’s age in Base 16 and got your blog posting on that topic! He sent me the link last week and I’ve been periodically checking ever since to see how you’ve been doing. I’m glad to read that things are progressing well for both you and baby! I was 39 for child #3 and 41 for child #4!

  5. Looking forward to hearing your latest news, hope all is going well.

  6. And yay – what an election result!!

  7. paulaanderson

    I suddenly feel eight years younger! How are you doing, Janet? Can’t wait for an update.

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