lay it down, let it go, fall in love

The chorus of the title track from Al Green‘s latest album croons its directives: lay it down, let it go, fall in love. The lush strings, growls, and feeling of Al’s 70s groove (which he himself has said has contributed to repopulation in that decade) comes back with such rich, loving, gusto, you’ll conceive all by yourself just by listening. It’s that good.

But what makes Al one of the most emotive singers this side of living is his presence in the lyric, his living and breathing of it. At any tempo, singing straight or falsetto, he’s never half-assed about his message or the urgency of his duty to deliver it.

My own love of Al began about 15 years ago in earnest, and unlike those warming couples in the 70s, alone, where Al’s voice was a balm for my heartfelt wounds. And his songs of love, what people could find together, what he was finding and showing you in lyric and delivery, wouldn’t leave you lonely, but comforted.

So honey, take a moment. Listen to the Right Reverend tell you what it’s all about, and then find the music. You can download or spin up, but once you do, listen to Al. Put your keys down.


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