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showing, telling

It’s been a long time since I last posted. 24/7 sickness (as opposed to morning sickness) has kept me from writing much of anything. Added to that has been mild dehydration and bedtime at 7:30pm. But today, at officially 13w, I feel as though I have a little bit of energy. Three consecutive days of sun. Lily of the valley and lilacs perfume the backyard. A medicinal glass of iced coffee (taking the edge of a migraine) and gorgeous birdsong, along with an earlier viewing of little one, swimming and paddling away from the ultrasound transducer is helping with the discomfort and fatigue.

I put on a spring maternity dress and was amazed at how pregnant I look. Dimensionally, I’m close to where I was at 5-6 months. Strangers are starting to be nicer and more courteous in the supermarket, smiling women and people gently getting out of the way of the widening load I’ve managed to become.


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