observations, 6w6d

This is not going to become an exclusively gestational blog, I SWEAR, but I thought it would be a good place to get some notes down and hopefully entertain all three of you. Here’s how it’s going.

Today I weighed in at 145 dripping wet.

I have to lay down for hours at a time, which was ok when the weather was 10 degrees colder than normal. It leaves me wistful now, with the sun arcing all day over the roof, beckoning me as if I had energy. Seriously, I don’t know how I would work. My focus is shot.

I have made friends with the beautiful young women at both the maternity clothes store and at the maternity consignment shop. They’re so young and positive, I love them.

Normal pants are now too uncomfortable, and so I am in panel pant stage. (Ben thinks these are the funniest things ever. “Why is there a shirt in your pants? Bwaaahahahaha!”) Yes, at less than 2 months. It seems as though my body had a very clear memory of being 192 lbs, and wants to be ready for it as soon as possible. It also is encouraging me to get there, with cravings for potatoes and bread products of all kinds.

On the topic of cravings: last time, I really didn’t have any, but now it is a little crazy. I’m finding myself overcome with longing for one food or another each day. Monday, it was veggie lettuce wraps from PF Changs. Tuesday, it was homefries. Yesterday, huevos rancheros. Today, Piecora’s New York Style pizza is calling me. At 8am.

H has strict instructions from me and Mrs. Charles to keep his gaze higher up, on the earrings, as the weight of a lower glance physically hurts. On a related topic, I can also report the state of maternity support garments has not improved since my last go round.

Not even close to sleeping through the night, for some reason I have moments of lucidity around 6am, which dissipate.

Next week brings an ultrasound to see where little one has chosen to set up camp, and go through how many different vitamins I really need to take. My pill count is currently at 14 (!) including all sorts of supplements.

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