the road ahead (6w2d)

I broke out the journal the Dilettante gave me when I was pregnant with Ben, to try to recall details, other than my famous story of lower abdominal pains while listening to the State of the Union address in Jan ’04.

The symptoms are similar, though some details are making themselves clearer. For example, I do remember falling asleep at about 8pm each night, but I didn’t remember waking up all through the night. I remember the seismic burping, but not any remedy other than passing out of the first trimester. (I think I discovered a solution this time around – ginger tea.) And consistent with the first time, the strain on all buttons, seams and fasteners is on, on, on!

Some things are very different. I’m starting out on the other side of 40, and 5 lbs heavier than I was with Ben.  I’m not working – the camaraderie from a remote office is still better than none at all.

And now, after reading my medical records, I have a concrete, clinical sense of how lucky Ben and I were – that there were so many internal issues that didn’t reveal themselves until later, and that my confidence and good health up until that point were what carried me through challenges. Now I’m much more wary – not so much in terms of diet, but certainly in terms of travel and physical activity. (I won’t be going to Denmark this summer, for example.)

I’m also seeing some changes in medical advice – I’ll be getting prescription vitamins this time around – big doses of folic acid, and a prenatal multi with DHA – something I barely had in my diet the first time around and which has been proven to offset post-partum depression. That can’t be a bad thing to try.

Here’s another thing that’s different – and wonderful. Ben is very excited to be a big brother. We’ve talked a lot about whether what’s growing in Mommy’s womb will stay around long enough to be a baby, or whether it will decide to go. We know it’s the little one’s decision what to do. But Ben hopes it decides to stay.


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  1. What a beautiful way to have that discussion with Ben. I hope it stays, too.

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