cv, meet la vita

I’ve been doing public communications work for two decades. Even though it doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes from time to time, the communications challenge I face now is huge and basic. In a town where I have few local connections, and where I am an exmat (Boston is my single-motherland), how does one get beyond the paper/bits presentation?

I’m not saying there isn’t some tuning that could happen at the resumé level, but I feel like evaluating a person  by the bulleted outline is like choosing a partner by looking at their skeleton. Most of us have a spine and sockets. Some people have great bones, but my good ones look better with a little flesh and blood around them.

The sassy, down-to-brass-tacks if not bones, paperface that got me considered at ‘GBH 18 years ago was the one-page kitchensink of all cover letters, which I’d summarize as, “Here’s what I did to pay the rent over the last 18 months. Now I’d like to do something that’s about more than getting by.” (What would my life have been if I hadn’t said yes to MIT? I think about that now… often.)

How to write that letter now  – to make them feel me walk into the room off the page and take notice – is what’s in the tips of my fingers. If only I could get it out, the right way.

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