for future reference: 134

After standing on all sorts of equipment, having electrical current pulsed through gummy electrodes on my feet, and coming clean on my height, the magic number 134 appeared as… my ideal weight. In some ways, it was a confirmation of what I already knew – when the scale says 133, I’m usually feeling healthy, have plenty of energy, and fit into everything in my closet.

The trainer, who is also a mother and specializes in perinatal fitness (pre-conception, pre-natal and post-natal), was pleased with my numbers, even with the body fat percentage being 4/10 of a percent from the overweight category. (I knew that would be an issue, where every pair of jeans I own is transforming into a muffin tin.)

I’m filing the little report where I can find it, later. If we’re lucky, body fat reduction won’t be much of a priority for me in the next year… actually, it will be just the contrary :)

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