“That’s a different Janet”

We had the teevee on last night and had “Countdown” on in the background. Ben and I were getting ready for what I call the nightly negotiation. He had voted for stories over teevee (yay!) and it was potty/pajama time. Coming out of the bathroom, Ben looked down the hall and saw Gov. Janet Napolitano endorsing Obama for president. (Her opening “it’s not about race, it’s not about gender” had caused me to turn, following my ears.)

I squatted down and told Ben that the woman on TV was an important person, and that her name was Janet, too.

“The old woman?”

I paused. I don’t think she looks that old. I think we look about the same age, actually.

“Oh honey, she isn’t old, but her name is Janet, just like mommy.”

“That’s a different Janet.” Pause.  “She’s older. Her hair is short. Your hair is long, mommy,” and he reached for my mop, looking for the longest strand he could find. Bingo, he found a white silky wire and pulled it out and down for me to see. “Look! Look! It’s soooo long!”

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