dino fever

The word went out this year to family and friends – Ben has discovered dinosaurs. As a result, our T-Rex count is now at 4 – two large plastic, one small plastic and one plush for bedtime. We have a large pteradactylus, a large elasmosaurus, the big and small triceratops (you need more than one, since they live in herds), and many small guys, including an ankylosaurus, some raptors (he hasn’t yet discovered xkcd), a set of stegosauri and lots of plastic trees and rocks.

Ben’s dino media library now includes 11 titles, and the superstar is the Encyclopedia Prehistorica – Dinosaurs, a remarkable gem of (non Web) pop-up artistry. It’s the book he wants to “read” every night. It’s amazing to see how quickly he learns the species, how he can recognize and compare animals, and his surprise in learning that what’s on the outside of the package isn’t always inside.

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