green monster invades local home

Even our Red Sox ornament on the tree could not keep us safe from this green monster, who has made our family his conquest. All three of us sniffle, snort, and produce something akin to smoker’s cough; we’ve taken turns with the lower end of the vocal register, and with headaches. (H and I actually tagteamed on Christmas Day; I got to sleep until noon, he went to bed at 4pm.)

What gives some measure of comfort is the familiarity of our own beds, the ability to check in and out without keeping to a visit itinerary. No last minute disappointments, no 6 hour emergency room visits, the security of knowing our pediatrician is just across the lake.


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2 responses to “green monster invades local home

  1. And I thought you were talking about the OLPC, re “green monster”…

  2. No, nothing so useful…

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