Christmas animal action

Last year, Ben learned a song at daycare called Animal Action, where he would move and make sounds like a particular animal. It was one of his favorites, given his established love of creatures.  He still performs it, along with the Zoboomafoo theme song.

So, as people asked for Christmas gift ideas, I went to the zoo, the aquarium and museum of natural history for suggestions. We now have 5 dinos, including 2 battling T-Rex; a bucket of sea creatures, between 5 and 10 animal books, including the amazing Encyclopedia Prehistorica – Dinosaurs. We have yet to open the 4ft box containing an ark.

It’s been an eye-opener to see how Ben relates to the animal world. The aspects of dramatic play have expanded to include a repetoire of prehistoric and current creature behaviour. We now have T-Rex family meetings, tiger pouncing, and leaping lemur time.  We swim in the tub and on the floor, we waddle and applaud with our flippers, and sleep under the water like hippos, bubbling up only for a breath of fresh air.

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