Help our neighbors, Love thy neighbors, the Ogbujis

You have a night out for the first time in six years, leaving your young children in the care of able babysitters, and come hope to find the house on fire, your six-year old and two-year old dead, the sitters injured, and your 14 month old child fighting for her life. You lose her a few days later.

And what you decide to do in the moment is to help others understand how to protect their children from such a fate.

This isn’t a page from the Worst case scenario book; it’s what’s happening now to a much beloved family in the Sussex neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio. The Ogbujis have a strong neighborhood, strong ethnic community and church to support them, but imho, there is no such thing as too many people reaching out in ways to help them in the face of this devastating event.

Go to the Web site of the Sussex Community Association to find out how you can help our neighbors and fellow parents, the Ogbujis. I’m connected to Chimezie and Roschelle through my work community, and by reading this, you’re connected too.


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