maybe I’m not that brave

I put up some fun pictures in flickr of me and Marie. She looks fabulous, blonde and french – as she is – and I look like a doofus, as I am when I am most happy. The pics brought some chuckles to my friends and colleagues.

Then something weird happened.

The pageviews for one of the pictures started exploding. It wasn’t even the better of the two pictures of me alone; but suddenly, the imageview rate is at 200+ per day. (By comparison, I usually don’t get more than a view a day on even my most interesting pictures.)

Since you can’t get referrals from Flickr, and as google revealed nothing I didn’t already know about links to the photo, I put a request in my photo description asking viewers to let me know where they came from. Nothing.

I think that’s the part that reeeeeeeeallllllly creeps me out. How did they get there? Why won’t they say? After all this time, I was thinking that it’s ok for me to be out there, face to faces in the Web. But where are those other faces? Could it be they’re even less brave than I?

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One response to “maybe I’m not that brave

  1. Yep, that is creepy. As a woman you don’t want to feel everywhere is a dark street you shouldn’t walk alone, even the Internet but it is … challenging at times.

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