the way out might be the way you came in

*from about 2-3 months ago, untitled in my drafts folder*

I spent much of the last week in a time tunnel, about 20+ years from here. At points, I’d make it as far as 1993 or so, when walking through an art supplies store and buying the first new drawing pencils I’ve had in at least 14 years.

To time-travel, I had registered with a Web site that links alumni from high schools and colleges around the globe. I made a page, put up pictures of me and my little family, and answered some questions. It was startling to see the ads – nearly all talked about realizing romantic longings from long ago. I did find an old classmate and friend, one I had missed at our last reunion, and wanted to hear how he was doing.

But the real reason I decided to pay closer attention to this long gone place? I wasn’t losing sleep over not knowing about my friend, but I was feeling stuck. Stuck where I was, stuck in my environment, stuck with so many of my choices. I think I needed someone to remind me where I had been, to remind me of where they saw and heard me going.

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