Bibo no Aozora

I am walking in the music, in DMaj, in the rain, and I see you, and here I am next to you, and we’re in the sky together for a moment, and then we are gone. The sky of a over a pier over in Hong Kong, of a Toronto afternoon, in between hotels in Amsterdam, into the evening, and the sky, and here you are next to me, knowing, and then we are gone.

When Marie introduced me to this song, before I saw Babel, I felt the notes opening me; all the vulnerability, the tenderness, where sorrow could be out and visible, and while the film added children in peril, the song continues to call to me. I listened to it for the first time in months in between sessions at my last work conference, and found myself with tears welling in my eyes. The overwhelming beauty of being together, without words, knowing it’s time – the right time – to go.


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2 responses to “Bibo no Aozora

  1. marie

    Hey! a “window of opportunity” as one would say: Ryuichi, i love you!! More seriously, this Babel soundtrack is a wonder. Check out the Sakamoto’s 1996 record, it’s excellent too. “Rain” is a joy to listen too, it will enlighten your day, no matter what – believe me.
    OK, let’s close your eyes and drift away. But do not land in Russel Crowe’s dreams, i’m there already ;-)

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