what W and I have in common

It is difficult to admit, but W and I share a passion… for giving people nicknames. Some of them are fun and affectionate, but most of those given to former paramours or objects of unrequited affections are just wicked. I’ll list those that still strike me as funny or descriptive, yet not identifiable. It’s probably worth noting that the funniest nicknames are the ones who had the shortest duration. And that my husband has none, though I do impersonate him from time to time.

All of these are, at the very least, 10+ years old. Many of them I had forgotten – that is, until the debutante reminded me, cackling over dinner. Maybe that’s why none of the “compare me” results on facebook have anything to do with my intelligence.

Drug and alcohol related

  • Wake and Bake
  • One Hit Wonder

“You are how you act”

  • Intergalactic Plasma (assuming the shape but not content of man, later abbreviated to Plaz.)
  • Back 40 Casanova (consultant from rural area who never saw another woman that wasn’t worth ogling in my presence)

“You are what you do”

  • New York Lawyer Guy
  • Professor Guy (x2)
  • Biker Guy
  • Waiter of my Dreams
  • Comedian Guy

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