tripping the light fantastic

Marie and I need to find a place where they play oldskool disco and funk so we can shake our groovethings in an appropriate environment before we leave for our respective homes. We don’t need dudes to be checking us out, we just need to be able to twist and shout. I am embarassing the living daylights out of her, as I finally started using my ipod for music instead of audio books, and I have become the Dancing Queen of the Discotheque of my mind. That particular discotheque is entirely mobile, and travels through hotel lobbies, elevators, and other public spaces, all in full view of Madame, no matter how hard she tries to look away.

Anyone know where we can go in Boston on a Wednesday night that would fit the bill?


Filed under Boston clubs, dancing, disco, where to go on a wednesday night?

2 responses to “tripping the light fantastic

  1. Check out Pravda on Tremont St.


  2. Check out Pravda on Tremont St.


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