scent of a woman, nose of a man

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do wear perfume pretty regularly. It usually takes me a long time to find one I like, or to decide when I want to wear it, but once I pick one, I usually stick with it. It feels like part of me, part of my identity. I know other women who feel the same way.

So when an old boyfriend called me one Christmastime, asking for the name of the perfume I wore (Allure by Chanel at that time), as he wanted to get a bottle for his new girlfriend, I was appalled. I suggested that he should learn to love how his new girlfriend smelled all by herself.

Telling this story, I get distinct gender-based responses. The men want to know what the big deal is, and the women yell “Creep!” And let’s be clear, the creep factor comes from having a former paramour asking about it, not a male friend who likes how you smell. What do you think?

For the record, as of 2007, I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s The One.


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2 responses to “scent of a woman, nose of a man

  1. Ah two D&G perfumes are among my regulars too. I don’t keep contact with old boyfriends so this is a difficult hypothetical for me to imagine. I guess in a strange way I would be flattered that he’d still want a smell around that reminded me of him. I must be a bit egotistical.

  2. No, you’re delightful! :)

    I think if you actually experienced it and the particulars (in this case, we started dating when he was preparing to be a sperm donor for a friend who wanted to have a child, and I didn’t realize after the fact), the notion of his wanting what I saw as a replay by proxy might be beyond distasteful for you too.

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