A good hair day (in part, for blue milk)

Updating my photo

Originally uploaded by jdaly.

I decided to try out a few new (to me) social networking tools, and figured it was a good time to update my photo. My short hair responds well to the rainy saturated climate of the Pacific Northwest, and so on the first good hair day I had, I put on a little spackle and lipstick, et voila. My grey, usually very visible (at the crest of the frontal wave) looks more like a reflection than the sheaf of white that it is. But makeup or not, I think this is isn’t bad for no retouching and almost 41.


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2 responses to “A good hair day (in part, for blue milk)

  1. That IS impressive. Beautiful hair and totally gorgeous expression. You look like the woman in the facial cream ads who pretends she is 40 yrs old just so you will think the cream really works.

  2. Very pretty! I still need to take your advice and go get my haircut.

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