my stylist is la fameuse *et* la bombe

It had been months since I had a haircut, and even though it was looking afterglow fabulous today, I went to see April at Derby. (April has already been praised in an earlier post). Before sitting in her chair, I went to the loo and saw that my salon and my very stylist was named on the A-List for Allure Magazine. So, if you’re in Seattle and need hair help, you know what to do. Call Derby, ask for time with April. And if you need a tattoo, her husband can set you up.


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5 responses to “my stylist is la fameuse *et* la bombe

  1. Oh, I wish you could recommend someone near me. I desperatly need a haircut and am always paranoid about letting someone “new” cut my hair short. They just don’t understand the nature of my very fine, very straight (very easy to mess up and make a boy-cut) hair.

  2. Where are you, rm? Email me your town/city, and I will find someone for you. No joke. The internets hold the key to fabulous hair. :)

  3. Lockworx, lansing. Ask for Candace or Theresa. :)

  4. i want to see your hair cut.

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