the river why

Ben’s third birthday brought us a gift that just keeps on giving: the question “Why?”

As a spokesperson, and someone who likes good extemporaneous challenges, I think I do pretty well on the YQ&A, but even a seasoned professional question answerer can get, um, flustered. I have already said, more than once, “Because I said so,” something I would never say to a journalist. But thinking of Ben as a reporter on deadline has helped me over most of my less patient moments, and has been almost like explaining the immediate business relevance xml:id to a trade reporter.

When we do watch TV, we try to watch it together with Why? Especially the painful and completely dangerous Diego, which in 20 minutes managed to contradict everything Ben understood about wild animals (give them their space, they don’t speak like people, they don’t need rescuing). Now, there’s a group of writers I’d like to ask “Why?”

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