parents helping each other

Yesterday, in the surgery reception area, Ben met a little girl at the fishtank. She explained to me that Marlin was in fact the name of Nemo’s daddy. (I had thought Marlin was the name for Dory, silly me.) Ben decided that this was the kind of person he would want to play with… a smart older girl.

I chatted with her mother in good humor, and learned that the little girl had a hole in her heart and was there to have it patched – a successful technique pioneered in the last 9 years. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

She was positive, with a warm smile and let me know that yes, she was just holding it together, just as I was, because that’s what moms do. I wanted to hug her, but was afraid I would cry. Her husband came back to the waiting area with coffee, and was met with a hearty “I love you” – another personally connected truth about the sustaining power of java. If all goes well, she and her daughter go home today (yes, the day after surgery), whole. My heart is with them.

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