sandwiches in paper

We’re spending most of our “evenings out” at Red Robin, in part because they offer two different varieties of veggie burger (standard gardenburger and boca patty), and as they have many foods for small fingers. The young staff is both professional and patient.

And so this ends up being the first time in a long time I’m eating “burgers” in public. The sunny, humble presentation of a burger, wrapped in paper and nestled into a basket with fries makes me remember my days as a little tyke, when it would be a real treat for my mother to take us out to McDonalds, or perhaps Friendly’s, for dinner. (Friendly’s had the bonus of real ice cream.) Crinkly paper, licking salt and ketchup off my fingers, all of the sounds and habits come back, in the presence of my son (self proclaimed to no longer be a baby, but vacillating between little and big boy).

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