my innocent and guilty tv pleasures

Since we got the big LCD teevee, I am watching it every day… and not just the delicious Jon Stewart and astringent M. Colbert. So I thought I’d fess up.

I like seeing how the Countdown staff brings good reporting from the blogosphere and puts it into full motion video. And I like listening to Keith Olbermann, though sometimes I think he’s in my head, broadcasting from the best seats in the passionate but well-reasoned section. And sometimes I just hope he’ll join me for a platonic cup of coffee.

But then we get into the stuff that’s harder to justify. Take “What Not to Wear.” (Yes, I usually know, but I consider this a televised master class. Except for those painful, dated-looking kimono dresses.) I have a potato-chip bag problem with just about everything on TLC – as in, I can’t stop ’til I get to the bottom of the bag.

And perhaps worst of all, I still laugh out loud at Reno 911! , but only when Ben is asleep.


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2 responses to “my innocent and guilty tv pleasures

  1. Oh, What Not to Wear. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, for sure. On the one hand, it’s superficial and consumerist. But on the other, it’s pretty postitive about body image and self-acceptance. *Sigh.*

    [PS: I got to you tag-surfing. Daughters, I think?]

  2. Welcome!

    I like the positive body image message, and the East Coast bluntness of the hosts that make me more than a little homesick. The consumerist aspect is the big negative for me as well – since I think the notion of a show that talks about the tricks of arrayment in the public sphere is more interesting that superficial.

    Judging by your articulate posts and subject matter, and how people usually get here, I bet you found me through [misogyny] or [appetizers]. (Talk about a balance between important and superficial!)

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