qwest slamming IDT LD customers?

Yesterday, we discovered we were unable to make LD calls from the landlines. (It was easter sunday, and there were many relatives to call.)

The outage continued into today. I waited for easily 30 minutes for an IDT CS rep, who sent me to tech support. The techie gave me test numbers to call, then confirmed that Qwest had dropped all IDT carrier codes from its customer base.


I then had to call Qwest, and learned that Voice prompt systems are sensitive to tone, volume, and the word SLAMMED and got a customer service rep immediately. He transferred me to repair services, where the rep confirmed that yes, all Qwest+IDT customers lost LD service over the Easter weekend. There was no reason given, though the tech reconnected my service while I was on the line.

Anyone know about local carriers doing this sort of thing? On a holiday weekend?


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2 responses to “qwest slamming IDT LD customers?

  1. So the magic word “Slammed” on the IVR system got you connected to a live person immidiately, interesting…

  2. Yes, yes, yes. It appears as though the rest of the IVR trip-ups can be avoided with one magic word.

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