ecstatic dinner, The Blue Room

Last night I had the best meal I’ve ever had at the Blue Room. Every dish was extraordinary.

The ricotta gnocchi and peas were spring on a plate – fluffy soft pillows and tender vines, the light lemon/sherry cream sauce. I thought I could stop, having had this perfect dish (with a delicious complimentary salad). But no.

The roasted eggplant with chickpeas and couscous reminded me of a recipe I made from one of Paula Wolfert’s first books on Middle Eastern cooking, the perfume of coriander and – was that sautéed flat leaf parsley mixed in with the baby spinach? – greens could not have made for better counterpoints.

And just when I thought I’d take a pass on dessert, I saw the first item on the menu and had the best dessert I have ever had at the Blue Room. The Champagne granita with berries? Whose idea was this? Would they consider having it, like, forever? (I suggested as much.)

The service was also perfect – warm, attentive but non-obtrusive. My waterglass never went past half-empty.

If my schedule allows this trip, I’ll try to sneak in another meal at the food bar. However, even if I don’t make it, I can tell you I’ll relive it in my mind on a regular basis.


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