“Jan, you’re a feminist with a capital ‘femme'”

This assessment came from a supportive colleague back in my start-up days when I closed a rant about the webgrrls on staff who believed Feminism equalled nose-piercings, liberal use of blue nail polish and quoting Camille Paglia as brilliance incarnate, with a stomp, a deskslap and “No, that is not feminism. That’s the freedom to be distracted by exercises in bad taste and judgment. I’m a Feminist, with a capital F!!!”

I don’t back down from what was admittedly a pissy statement, and would note that pissy does not equal feminist either. I do acknowledge the kinder way my colleague reminded me of the dismissals I met in my own women’s studies classes based on appearances, but for a different reason – that my conventionally attractive appearance rendered me suspect. We’re (still) humans, I guess, and we all have to work against our instincts for instant acceptance and dismissal.


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