because gender in our society is not superficial, installment 2

Kathy Sierra recently cancelled an appearance at the O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego and “suspended her blog because of death threats she received on her blog and threats of violence posted on other blogs, she said.”

It’s the latest variation on a theme, showing how misogyny manifests itself in our culture. I really And I really mean misogyny – the fierce hatred of women, and the actions misogynists justify by their literally obscene hatred. The best assessment I have seen so far for succinctness and eloquence comes from Robert Scoble as well as the comments that follow the post. If only more men, and perhaps a few more women, would take note of what many of us have managed to live with as largely background noise. What happened to Ms. Sierra is not unusual – it’s the natural extension of a culture where women are hated, making any action and threat against them “acceptable”.

This has been another installment of “because gender in our society is not superficial“.


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One response to “because gender in our society is not superficial, installment 2

  1. Absolutely – completely agree with your post! I don’t know very much about the techy world so that was very informative for me. Thanks.

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