smackage! (v., Jadish)

In college, a friend gave name to a decade-old practice of mine to coin my own expressions and use them in regular conversation. (I had recently explained how I characterized guys who were unappealing, explaining the degrees of undesirability, and the factors that made one worse than the other. Clearly the outputs of a young mind discovering coffee.)

He decided I needed to make my own turns of phrase an official language, and borrowing from my college nickname (an initial combo that implied burliness, smokes and whiskey, and which appealed to me for the cognitive dissonance it caused), he called my language Jadish.

I think of it now as I sneak peeks at the Senate floor voting on the repeal of one totalitarian and odious provision of the Patriot Act ( 94-2 in favor of repeal!), and want to shout out “Smackage, gweebos! Smackage!”

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Filed under 2008 elections, argot, funny, Patriot Act, Politics, senate, slang, US Attorneys, US Congress, Voting

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