in the end, you can’t buy votes.

I’m not in the political blogging in-club, but I have to say that I resent the fact that Darcy Burner talks to Kos before she talks to donors in what might have been her district.

Note to Darcy: He can give you money, but he can’t vote for you unless he moves. You’re not entitled to my vote. You have to earn it. And maybe there’ll be another D who’ll run.


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2 responses to “in the end, you can’t buy votes.

  1. My apologies if I in any way offended you; certainly none was intended. I have been working to reach out to all of the people I need to talk with, and haven’t figured out yet how to reach everyone simultaneously.

    The netroots, by the way, is about grassroots communication far more than anything else. Starting with the netroots locally (which is where I started) was about trying to reach out to the local grassroots as early as possible through the most effective communciation channel I have.

  2. Darcy,

    Thanks for writing in. Let me be clear; it’s not about offense. It’s about common sense.

    Your loyalty to the “netroots” is admirable, but there’s a subset that is actually in your district. You can reach them with one email, based on the addresses your staff collected from donors and volunteers (I was both). I certainly got many of those from your campaign, and welcomed the updates.

    You can find other statements of my support of your ’06 candidacy in the archives. I’ll look forward to having the chance to evaluate your positions in ’08.

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