ahead of MSM by days, leaps and bounds

In ’04, I began consuming my news from blogs, and I read Cursor the way I took my prenatal vitamins – religiously, without fail, with the knowledge that I missed them at significant peril. On matters of national interest, they are now my predominant news resources. Anyone following the US Attorney scandal or the Libby obstruction of justice trials can see even MSM reporters tipping their hats – sheepishly or with brio – to the real journalists in the room.

Today, as Karl Kassel was reciting the headlines on KUOW, I was telling Mr. Bits that Karl’s report on USA firings was old. Josh’s team had already reported all of NPR’s “news” on Sunday – and here it was, Tuesday morning. The local affiliate picked up the slack (this is SEA, after all). I looked to my monthly budget numbers and tried to estimate what I could donate to TPM.



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2 responses to “ahead of MSM by days, leaps and bounds

  1. Jason357

    I remember back around 1995, a reporter was blasting internet journalists as dangerous stewards of information. I think it was a Wall Street Journal Reporter, but am not sure.

    I sent him an email, and he wrote back that he had to admit that the responses from those opposing his opinion were far more polite and articulate than he expected. I’m not sure, but I think I suggested that next time he research his subject a little better before writing a national column characterizing people he did not know as “dangerous”.

    Chris Matthews did the same thing a few weeks ago, as he expressed deep concern about “citizen journalists” and said he was worried about the lack of editors present in MSM. What a joke. How much incorrect information pours out over MSNBC as “unconfirmed” and seldom gets corrected with the same energy as the intial report, not to mention the stupidity the MSM considers to be newsworthy.

    One good thing about NPR, is that it does eventually get the word out. This morning they were comparing these firings to the traditional replacements every president usualy engages in. The GOP liars were once again saying Clinton had done worse by firing ALL of the US Attorneys when he came in, knowing damn well that was different and in line with what other presidents had done.

  2. Hi, Jason.

    Pickng up on your last paragraph about the lie-meme of the clinton firings: Sampson himself debunks it in his initial response to Miers. It’s here, on p. 12:


    wrt NPR, the sooner Juan Williams goes, the better for their credibility.

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