more on hummingbirds

Yesterday morning, I sat in my living room and watched the birds flitting through the yard on breakfast rounds. My stillness on one of the world’s ugliest couches was rewarded with a speedy visitor – a hummingbird decided to make our winter daphne his brunch buffet. His visit was quick, but introduced some flying cherry red into my morning. Anyone know if hummingbirds migrate? I can’t imagine where they would stay for the winter, even in Seattle environs.

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  1. The Web says (and Peterson confirms) that most species do indeed migrate, although not in flocks (aha! so THAT’s why I’ve never see the flocks of hummingbirds heading south, or north, the way one does with geese). Some winter in southern California or Arizona, but most in Mexico or Central America. (As carnivores, I gather, they prefer to be where there are insects to eat.)

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