[restaurant rave, SEA] Pomegranate

Finally, I found a place on the eastside that felt like home, or the best parts of it. A friend took me to Pomegranate in Redmond yesterday for lunch, and from the time we walked in, it felt like my place.

The space itself is open and colorful, a touch industrial, but warm, if that makes sense. (Pipes on the ceiling are still pipes, after all.) It also has a huge window in lieu of a back wall, giving a view into Lisa Dupar’s catering kitchen. Already, I was imagining getting into my car for snacking escapes, and daily pastry shows.

And the food! Most of the lunch menu centered around an item called firebread – like a thinner take on focaccia, with delicious toppings. You can check out the full menu using the links above.

I opted for the homemade tomato soup and grilled (white cheddar) cheese sandwich. Comforting and delicious. One of my friends had a slow-cooked, pulled-pork sandwich, which he enjoyed greatly. Making simple things well can sometimes seem too understated an approach for many restaurants and chefs. I’m glad the approach is embraced at Pomegranate, to every diner’s benefit.

Oh, and make sure you save room for dessert. Whether you go for the Key Lime Meringue tart or the understated knockout that is the bread pudding, you’ll enjoy it. I’m looking forward to my next trip.


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  1. Came across your blog from hema..you have a lovely blog here…

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