police tickets start at USD300 in Seattle

I read the NYT profile on the Police reunion Sunday – as an NPR/CSPAN junkie, this is the only way I get my music news, and even then, it’s a reunion tour. I said to Himself – “Ooh, I’d love to go to that show.” Himself, to his credit, jumped to it, fingers a-flyin in search of a Seattle date. Then he stopped and said, “Ahem.”

Prices for tickets at the smallish Key Arena start at 300+, and run to 1,300. Per seat.

I remember in my teenage days buying posters because the records were much more expensive, and I could hear the right songs on the radio. Concert tickets were a huge indulgence. Now for the first time since adulthood, I felt completely priced out of an event. Again, to Himself’s tremendous credit, he said he would fund it, that I could celebrate my late grandmother’s 99th birthday in style. But the pricing is obscene; her thrifty soul would not approve. And in truth, neither would I.

Boys, I wasn’t born in the 50’s, but I also wasn’t born yesterday.

update, 2/23: well, things weren’t as dire as earlier reported. A few google searches without himself uncovered a few seats under 150. The new peak price being asked, via reseller, was 4,250.



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5 responses to “police tickets start at USD300 in Seattle

  1. I think tix are slightly cheaper for Fenway…c’mon out here and we’ll mortgage our homes and go! I still have my ’83 Synchronicity tour t-shirt.

  2. Maybe, if the colors are still intact, you could sell the shirt as a collector’s item and come up with the cash for tix.

  3. I got mine @ $95 each for Fenway/Boston. Currently looking online for a “Zenyatta Mondatta” vintage tee…….

  4. Kerrie, you lucky duck. I think I’ll be spending the evening with my box set.

  5. I’m psyched to say the least. I’m going to get that box set this week.

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