the flight to Sophia-Antipolis

About 20 minutes from the Nice Airport is Sophia-Antipolis, more of a technology/industrial park complex than a village, and where I have spent many weeks (or fragments thereof) over the past 8 years for work.

Trips here, however much anticipated on my part, come with a price: a 5-8 hour layover at Schipol in Amsterdam. It’s a big enough chunk of time to completely throw off even a well-rested person, never mind someone who watched “The Departed” multiple times on a screen the size of a postcard.

Schipol was the first mega-mall airport I encountered, back in 2000. In addition to food areas and dutyfree emporia, it has casinos throughout the terminals and a hotel within the secured passenger area. I flew out with perfume, MiuMiu sunglasses, and hope for a walk in the sunshine. I landed in Nice with a migraine.

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