Molly Ivins, RIP

A writer as smart as she was salty died yesterday of cancer. Few people have intentionally made me laugh out loud while reading on a subway car; she was one. I picked up her first book last night and read passages to my husband, out loud. And there she was again, alive as she could be, while I chortled with delight.

The amount of utterly repulsive comments from her political opponents welcoming her death throughout the blogosphere has given me pause – what conversations are possible with people like this? What would Molly do?

I mean, Bill O’Reilly was afraid and respectful of her – at least in person. I can only hope that the sorts of people who have posted “Good riddance” among other heinous comments are not breeding, and thus cannot instruct a new generation by their example.

Please check out the tribute at the Texas Observer, for some of her gems, and memories from those who were lucky enough to work closely with her.

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