weenie wagging

A friend I’ve met since moving to the eastside coined this term, based on her observations of male behaviour here and in other places she has lived. Weenie wagging is about establishing bragging rights – whose condo/house/castle has the biggest unobstructed view, how high one appears in the org chart, who drops BillG’s name more than 10 times in as many minutes.

Hearing her give it that name gave me so much delight, I have turned it into a regular part of my vocabulary set with adults.

The image I get is more of wiener dogs running all over the place, wriggling on the floor and making a whole lotta  yippy-yap. It has brought me great quiet smiles when making my way through holiday parties and overhearing one bit of self-acclaim or another. I invite you to keep it on hand if you’re too close to a bore and too far from the punchbowl.

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