digital birthday (or, in hex, I’m only 28!)

In October, I turned 40. Now I find myself entirely surrounded by booty-bits. That is, bits delivered by way of presents, not posteriors.

Digital booty #1: First item that arrived was a product(RED) iPod. It wasn’t something I had expected or asked for, but it came in handy on my longish flights across country – audio books are addictive.

The iPod itself is engraved with my 4oth birthdate and “Happy 40th”. The inscription felt oddly stiffening, but girlfriends around the country assured me that 40 is when life begins. I’m choosing to believe them.

Digital booty #2: After years of suggesting to my husband that we might replace our 1998 model Kodak digital camera, as well as forwarding links to David Pogue’s recommendations on the same topic, I got the goods. To my surprise, Hank bought me the Sony Cybershot DSC-T30. I was looking at the new Canon S-series, but I know H loves small shiny gadgets and probably couldn’t resist its sleek (to us) profile. Expert reviewers bemoaned the lack of new features over the previous model; they clearly haven’t been using a camera for years whose high end image resolution is 256k. It’s working well for me, although I think I need to take a course in learning how to use the various features.

(sorta) Digital booty #3: A 40″ LCD set has been sitting in its box in our dining room since late September. Henrik took advantage of a recent visit (his mom and dad came over from Denmark) to set up the bracket and put up the new monitor. The Comcast box was stuck on some promotional channel talking up an ArenaRock pay-per-view, with a soundtrack loop of Sammy Hagar singing “I can’t drive 55”. Heaven for him. Luckily, I can read the buttons on a remote, and got things to work. PBSHD astronomy programs are out of this world.

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