Say it with me: Madame Speaker

I often find myself in a funk when I think of the paths to success for women in politics stateside. My homestate doesn’t reward women who are leaders; instead, it seems like only the enabler behaviour gets rewarded, so when the woman gets in reach of the big prize, there’s no way to win. (And in MA, misogyny has bipartisan supporters). I talk with my in-laws and lament that it may be that the first woman to be elected to high office would have to be thatcherlike.

But then I look at where I’m living now, and I snap out of it. WA has a triuxorate of Democratic executive and national leadership. They can play the game and get things done for the state, though I’d admit some are better than others. (Maria got my vote yesterday, but Patty gets my money too.)

But today, oh, today. To read and hear that Nancy Pelosi will serve as Speaker of the House?! No wonder the rain stopped. Madame Speaker.
Now, Madame Speaker-to-be, get to work and make us proud. Drain the swamp of all its muck, D and R, and let’s get back on track.

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