the blue room, cambridge

Anytime I’m in Boston for more than 4 days, I try to have at least three meals at the Blue Room. Why?

1. It’s the only place with a varied brunch with multiple veggie options

2. I can eat at the food bar and learn cooking from the professionals at the stations

3. It’s my local! Less than 10 mins walking from CSAIL, and everyone is nice, even if they don’t know me.

Number 3 came into serious play on my last trip for missed trains and special events. Blue Room staff turnover was pretty large; I only recognized two of the servers and one of the grill men. Luckily, Nick is still an owner and Jorge is finally owning up to the fantastic meals coming out of the kitchen.

So how about that food? Imaginative without being poserly. Generous portions. Lots of local ingredients. Fast turnaround if you’re hoping to catch a movie at the Kendall; easy service if you’re there to enjoy the evening. Menu changes with the seasons, including some playful wine options in the summer months. Very amenable to questions and requests.  What’s not to like? Check out the menu if you’re planning to visit.

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