Talk radio is bad for me.

I was careful not to say “Talk radio is bad for you,” but let me tell you, it is bad for me. And I don’t mean that only listening to people who hold opposing views to you is bad, though it’s a good way to ensure you can lose weight. (How many people listen to this? And they vote? Oh, man, I have lost my appetite.)

No, I can’t even listen to people with whom I agree, at least in this format. Yes, it’s good to hear other people connecting, and to know that I may not be alone in my thinking. Actually, it can be very good, and nearly addictive. But it’s about anger before action.

I give to candidates in money and time, so it’s not as if I am inert. And frankly, I get angry enough with what I read from dispassionate sources, but I’ve noticed that I have much less patience on a day when I’ve been listening in the background. So for now, I think I’ll just have to leave the AM alone.

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