the (maxipad) medium is the message?

Dear reader,

I’ve been up since one and am between press releases, so I’m grouchier than the average bear. Let me warn you in advance that this post is graphic, but not sexy. You may want to wait for something else.

What is the last thing a woman needs when she is having her period? My vote today is for inane messages on the adhesive papers of her maxipads. Funny, then, that the company that makes one of my menstrual products has decided to change the exterior packaging yet again, and also decided to include inspirational messages on the peel-off strips.

I noticed a multilingual set of messages on the pads I bought in Denmark, which said, “Keep moving with always” in Dutch, English, French, and German. (That’s right, not Danish.) But the pads I bought when I got home really ticked me off. I’ve got a migraine, severe cramps, and I open the package to find “Have a Happy Period.”

Package designer, here’s a clue: If I bleed enough to fill overnight pads every two hours, the only “happy period” I have is when it’s over. Capeesh?

At least if they said “I enjoy being a girl,” the implicit subjugation would be worth a pained grin. Worse yet, the “always” mark, along with the infinity symbol, keystones the slogan. An infinite period. Makes menopause sound almost inviting.


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