roadside delicacy in seaside towns

Ten years ago, I learned about a vacation roadside delicacy in Woods Hole. My boyfriend at the time showed me that the rugosa bushes on every walkway held snacks, once the blossoms passed. The rosehips swelled and ripened from green to yellow, to orange red, and finally to deep red. A sharp eye and careful bite (the seeds are indigestible, hail nature) gave a quick sweet rich snack, a little tart, full of vitamin C.

I thought about this as I limped along the paved and clay roads in Lonstrup. Here, rosehips – or hyben – are harvested and made into jelly. It is considered a bit untamed to pick them fresh from the bush, but I did. The salt air, the wind, and the tartness of the hyben – summer on Cape Cod by another name. I didn’t convince Henrik to try it. Instead, we have a 500g jar of jelly (the base for the jelly is apple, but it is not obtrusive – it’s really just a medium) in the cabinet, in case of a summer jones.


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