(mainstream) pasta salad improv

We were at Henrik’s family summer house on the nw coast of Denmark for about a month. Dining and cooking provided challenges, as Ben has a milk protein allergy, I am a vegetarian, and my mil has a nickel allergy. (You wouldn’t believe all the foods that have it.) Asian cooking is out; so were yogurt/cheese. Ben enjoyed frikadelle (a fried meatball patty made of either ground pork or cod paste) nearly every day, and so more traditional meals emerged.

My mil came from the market one day with 6 gargantuan florida avocados. These are the big boys, never smaller than a papaya and always tasteless, unlike their ecstasy-inducing cousins, the hass. But I discovered that a ripe florida avocado, with a fair dose of lemon juice, is a tolerable substitute for mayo in a conventional pasta salad. Just be sure to add lots of other flavors to a thoroughly mashed and blended base.

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