40 in 94 days?

Through my late 20’s, my birthday was the center of my calendar. I usually knew how many days remained until the day upon which I hoped to be lavished with gifts. And it wasn’t just the day – it was the year, too. I did cooperate with the Gregorian calendar, but always kept in mind that we were really living in, say, 27 JD, instead of 1993 AD. I reminded people – even one confused ex-boyfriend – of their actual ages based on the fact that I recalled theirs based on my own.

Well now, the tables have turned. My “much younger” husband will be 37 next week, but does not hesitate to let me know that soon, I will cross the chasm into middle age, and that he’d like me to let him know how it goes.

And you know, reading about the activities of people in my industry, I see how the men get to experience 40, whether they are fathers or childless, and I am jealous. They get to have fun – mostly, imho, because they have wives to manage the children and detritus. Some even head for marriage number 2 – getting a fresher model to handle detritus. But what about women at 40, in the tech business, but not techies? Do we get some fresher models ourselves, or do we get replaced by one? (I am reminded of remarks from a tech “notable”  about techpr women in brown lipstick and I check my purse to make sure I haven’t slid into stereotype.)

Do we arrive at 40, or do we get a new disorientation? And is it dictated at all by the washroom you use?


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One response to “40 in 94 days?

  1. I will be 40 myself in 64 days and I have a wife who is just coming up to 37 who also spends most of her time telling me I am getting old. I do have a few grey hairs coming along but I put this down to worrying about my little boys first day at nursery which he seems to have enjoyed alot more than me. At 2 1/2 years I am sure he will have plenty of time to help me with a full head of grey hairs and I have to say I am looking forward to it.

    So how to mark becoming 40. I have done it by setting up a website that I hope will grow into something that people of 39/40 will find interesting as it is being written by someone that is of the same age, with the same experiences as themselves. We will have to wait and see if I can achieve this over the coming months and years !!

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