mothers day

Was I too sleep-deprived last year to remember it? This year, I was explicit in my wishes for the day. A card. Going out to breakfast. Some time at the local plant nursery. I was lucky to have all this and no shortage of comic episodes with Benjamin, the only reason I can lay claim to the day (which started at the very explicit 5:45am).

We called my mom, Henrik’s mom, and my birthmother. The diner we went to for breakfast handed out plastic mirrored compacts to women with children that read “Only the prettiest faces eat at Ruby’s”. My boy held my cheeks at every opportunity, with a “chicks, chicks, peep-peep-peep” and a good serving of Mommys throughout the day. My cellphone rang off my belt at the nursery with calls to and from friends whose influence has made me a better mother.
With enough sleep and the help of his daycare center, perhaps I have the hope of becoming a good mother. Benjamin inspires the best in me – it’s only a matter of keeping the best of me fueled.

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